Yamachu Honke Gikyo Junmai Ginjo Saké

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If you are looking for a full body saké with rich flavors and loads of umami that retains both accessibility and character, this one is a winner!!

This is a genshu style saké (undiluted, like cask strength spirits), so it's fuller in body, and ideal to pair with grilled meat (think yakitori or wagyu). Genshu saké also works great with ramen. We totally recommend decanting it so you can truly appreciate the complexity that comes from top quality rice!

The driving philosophy at Yamachu Honke is not to tamper with the rice, but to bring out the best of saké's primary ingredient to express its innate power. They polish the rice themselves, and wash it by hand to ensure that the grains are of the highest quality.

This Junmai Ginjo brings out the gorgeous subtleties of Grade A Tojo Yamada Nishiki rice, with an initial sensation of melon moving into savory notes of cereal grains and toasted wheat and finishing dry with an appealing tingle of spices. This is why you should decant it!