Corporate Gifting

Hi Friends!

New York Vintners, celebrating its 17th anniversary, is firing on all cylinders in our new space. Our wine, team, food, and space have never been better.  

Below is our 2023 GIFT GUIDE filled with wine, spirits, virtual tastings, unique winemaker events, fine and rare wine classes, gourmet gift baskets, or pretty much anything you can conceive of giving to a co-worker or loved one. If you have a second, click on any of the images below to tour what's been going on over the past year, from rare tastings to new wines, to private and corporate events.

If there is anything we can do for you let us know, but mostly, we wanted to check in and say hello, thank you for your support, and wish you the best for the rest of the season in the hopes that you can spend time with loved ones, and that next year will be prosperous and healthy, in both body and mind.


All The Best,
Shane Benson | Owner | New York Vintners   

A Wine's Quality Is Determined In The Glass.