Tlamati 'Quail Traditional' Pechuga Mezcal

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Size Single Bottle

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Batch: 034 Harvest: September 2022.

Maestro: Balbino y Sergio Salas.

State: Puebla. Region: Sierra del Tentzo.

Age of agave: 6 – 7 years.

Elevation: 6,560 feet (2,000 meters).

Oven type: Prehispanic conical.

Still type: Copper.

Distillations: Three.

ABV of spirit: 48.6 %.

Nose: Anise, pistachio, cherry, cinnamon, sesame seeds, guajillo chili. Palate: Opens spicy, then a balance between sweetness and bitterness comes with peat and ashes notes. At the end the adobo and quail taste, remain in a lingering finish.

Pairing: Lamb, couscous salad, clams.