Palmento Costanzo Prefillossera Etna Rosso, 2019

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Palmento Costanzo Prefillossera Etna Rosso, 2019

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If you love Pinot Noir or Nebbiolo, this is in your wheelhouse!

The baseline of all Palmento Costanzo’s red wines is the formidable Nerello Mascalese. An indigenous late-ripening varietal, this grape is known for taut, herbaceous flavors, along with high minerality and nuanced, earthy tones. Nerello Mascalese wines often have a perfume reminiscent of those of the noble wines of Barolo and Burgundy.

Growing alongside it is Nerello Cappuccio, a ‘little brother’ that ripens slightly earlier, and whose color and perfume are used to soften the edges of Mascalese.

Both clones of Nerello are high in natural acidity. The wines are full of juicy red fruit, savory minerality and bright acidity.