Don Vicente Tequilas

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Don Vicente Tequilas

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Straight to the USA from NOM 1579 in Jesús Maria, Jalisco, Felipe Camarena’s ‘El Pandillo’ fabrica. This is one of the TIP TOP distilleries in Mexico! Destileria El Pandillo is a sustainable operation that allows Camarena to save money on operation costs, and put those savings toward the production of heavenly tasting tequila for all of us to enjoy!

Felipe Camarena is a third-generation master tequilero, whose family is responsible for other brands like Ocho and Tapatio.

Don Vicente Blanco Tequila
All-natural, exceptionally clean, and clear. Straightforward agave sweetness and a delicious minerality and earthiness. Oxygenated for a whole day for a softer, lighter, and buttery mouthfeel, making the flavors perfectly balanced. Complex and ideal for sipping.

Don Vicente Reposado Tequila
Remarkably smooth. Rested in used American White Oak bourbon barrels for less than a year. The aging creates a mosaic of aromas and flavors including black pepper and citrus. The cooked agave, minerality, and earthiness are all still very present, along with hints of vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch.