Mezcal Macurichos Crassispina Maguey Blanco Arroqueno

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Name Single Bottle

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A very rare Mezcal made in a very small batch operation (only 89 liters produced in total). It combines the Maestro Mezcalero's unique family history and traditional practices with ingenuity and trial and error to make something truly special.


Maestro Mezcalero Gonzalo Martinez is responsible for this rare beauty - it is made from an ensemble of Crassipina, Maguey Blanco and Arroqueño, a mix that you definitely don’t see very often. The Arroqueño is the secret ingredient, a relative of Tepeztate that brings a bold, green, garden-fresh pepper quality to the table, offering a cooling and savory balance to the sweet depths of rich, salted caramel and butterscotch.