Foursquare Starter Pack

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Includes 1 bottle of each:


A collaboration between distilleries from two different Caribbean islands, Probitas is a white rum you can, and should, sip neat with the proof to stand up to any cocktail application. Aromas of tropical fruit highlight plantain with mascarpone, and strawberry; the palate is uncategorically robust and luscious with grassy, underripe mango, coconut oil, and marzipan; black pepper, and  allspice.

R. L Seale's Finest 12 Year Rum

Distilled, aged under a tropical climate & blended at the Foursquare Rum Distillery. No added flavors or sugars. Bright tropical fruit followed by rich toasted coconut and vanilla on the nose. Caramelized pineapple, banana chips, toasted coconut on the palate. Rich layered brown butter, caramel, guava and papaya. Tropical fruit sweetness finishing dry with a hint of butterscotch. An authentic aged Barbados Rum.

Foursquare Exceptional Cask Series 2011 Rum

This rum is a unique marriage of pot-distilled & column-distilled molasses rums, each aged for a full 12 years entirely in ex-bourbon barrels. This meticulous process allows the rum to develop rich and complex character, drawing out the best qualities of both distillation methods. Caramelized grapefruit, dark cocoa, butterscotch, and overripe pineapple lead to a big, expressive palate of tropical fruit, dried berries, black tea, and citrus peel with a lengthy and drying finish.