Foursquare Exceptional Cask Series Mark XXIV 2011

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Foursquare’s Exceptional Cask Series represents the most unique and coveted rum from this celebrated distillery. This series is a celebration of distinctive individuality and rarity. Meticulously selected by Richard Seale himself, these bottles are VERY LIMITED in availability and won't be reproduced again.

 A heady blend of caramelized grapefruit and dark cocoa mingling with hints of butterscotch, clove, and Jamaican allspice. As the rum unfolds, whispers of sandalwood, brine, and overripe pineapple emerge, followed by a wave of candied banana. Beneath it all, a deep molasses character lingers, accented by subtle notes of apricot and plum.

The palate is equally captivating. Lush and expressive, it offers a delightful contrast between rich molasses and baking spices, which eventually give way to a burst of tropical fruits and dried berries. Subtle drying notes of black tea and citrus peel add a touch of complexity, while the finish is long and dry, leaving behind a whisper of tannins.