Atanasio Tequila

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Lauded by some of the most respected tequila producers in Mexico, the Landeros brothers may be relative newcomers to the spirits world, but are already making waves with their reputation for integrity and flavor. These are outstanding spirits made in a very traditional method, with NO additives.

Blanco: Rested for 15 days in stainless steel before bottling and preserves the characteristic, prized agave flavors we love so much! Herbaceous and fresh, just like it should be!

Reposado: Aged for three months in medium char ex-bourbon barrels. This allows the wood to compliment the purity that precedes it. This is delicate yet generous, with subtle hints of age.

Añejo: Aged for 13 months, it’s no surprise that this tequila has remarkable color, aroma, and flavor. The right combination of time and wood creates a harmonious result, including caramel, vanilla bean dried and stewed fruits, and a light touch of butter.