Drink a Glass with Shane

ALL CLASSES are in a forum sitting at a table and discussing wine.   All nights include appetizers and full dinner so come thirsty and hungry.   Class sizes are strictly limited and many nights include guest wine celebrity friends of mine.  The value of the wines and experience is unrivalved - OK I'm biased but for people who love wine they cannot be beaten.  

Did I ever tell you the story about the time I met Monica Soldera?

The wine world "tastes" wine "professionally" primarily during regular business hours on weekdays. They walk around banquet rooms and restaurants with a glass sniffing and SPITTING wine. I very very rarely go to these "tastings".

The first time I met Monica Soldera was more than 10 years ago when I agreed to a "tasting" around noon.  WHY? Because it's SOLDERA!!  You ever been asked out by a supermodel??  Who says no?? Not me!

Monica Soldera is a very serious woman.  I'm pretty laid back. 15 minutes before my "tasting" with Monica a VERY nervous representative (she rolls deep) rushed up to me and said in a low voice, "Ms. Soldera requests that you not spit her wine."  I said, "Come again?"   She said, "Please do not spit Soldera in front of her." 

What Monica taught me and the truth I hold to be self-evident: WINE IS MEANT TO BE DRANK.

I don't stare at Mozart, I don't eat Picasso, and although sometimes I dreamthat he is me, I don't read MJ.  I sure as hell drink Soldera.   

The new place is open and it's time to mix it up a little.  Over the next couple of months, I am going to host 5 NEW WINE DRINKING NIGHTS - where we examine like a bunch of nerds - THE QUALITY OF WINE IN THE GLASS.   NYV has hosted more winemaker dinners, rare retrospectives, academic wine classes, etc. than anyone in our industry over the past 15 years but now I am launching my new DRINKING WINE SERIES. For the love of the game.

We sit down, explore wine, debate, and ARGUE, if it's young or old or acidic or tannic or GOOD OR NOT.  I don't care what clone it is, what way the vineyard faces, how long it was aged for, what bottle it comes in- UNLESS they relate to how good the juice is. 

Here is how it works - 12 people - 10 WINES OR MORE that are cool as hell, dinner, maybe some background music and 2 hours of drinking wine together and breaking bread.  

You and me sitting around the table - for the appreciation of wine in its purest form. 

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