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LOCATION: 63 Barclay St.


10/11: Sparkling Wines of the World

You will get to go behind the curtain when comes to each wine’s region, production, style, and affinity for certain foods.  Don’t miss this opportunity to become a bubbles expert. Can there ever be too many bubbles? No, never.

10/18: Unknown Grapes + Uncommon Cuisine

Anything unknown has an alluring pull to it, especially when it comes to wine.  There are thousands of grapes in the world worthy of discovery.  Get acquainted with several grapes you’ve never heard of before and realize why you need to know about them.  Even better, we will whip up some of the most intriguing dishes to pair with the uncommon wines.  


10/21: Pies & Pairings - Italian Wine + Pizza

There aren’t many things in this world that compare to the magic of Italian wine and pizza.  Come join us as we discover a myriad of different Italian wines paired with hand-crafted pizza.  Learn all about what makes the diversity of Italian wine so worthy of exploration.