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Hi Folks,

We spent the end of the year that cannot be mentioned trumpeting the exhilarating quality and depth of the 2016 vintage from Barolo. All-time GOATness.  We also examined in detail the fabulous 2016 Super Tuscans. Well, the somewhat slow brother has finally come ashore.  2016 Brunello's are SENSATIONAL. Stunning wines with tremendous depth that are "like a well-muscled black stallion in its prime" yet retain striking elegance. We are going to handpick them for you to stick in your cellar.  100% Sangiovese, Brunello, by Italian law, cannot be released until 5 years after harvest (Riserva is six years). To start off this TSUNAMI of greatness let's rock out the wines from a name we know and love; TALENTI.  

Standing out in the pack is the second-ever bottling of Talenti's Brunello Piero, a benchmark for this historic vintage, and perhaps the greatest wine ever made at this iconic estate.  With only 100 or so cases coming into the US, these will move quickly.  Talenti Brunello normale is, without question, one of the best pure value Brunello's on the market. ALSO, we are offering a CRAZY DEAL on the 2018 ROSSO which is one of the highest-rated Rosso EVER - so if you need a GREAT everyday drinker - this is your lucky day!! Strong wines from top to bottom, a hallmark of a serious producer. 



TALENTI 2016 PIERO BRUNELLO - $200 PER BOTTLE   97 POINTS "pure elegance"

TALENTI 2016 BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO  - $60 PER BOTTLE  94 Points "the best values in age-worthy Brunello in the market."
6-PACK PRICE - $330 ($55 PER BOTTLE)

TALENTI 2018 ROSSO DI MONTALCINO - $30 PER BOTTLE -  93 Points - One of the highest-rated Rosso ever
SICK 12-PACK PRICE - $250 ($21 PER BOTTLE) - lowest price in country

Talenti has a longstanding reputation for consistency and quality in Montalcino, producing traditional style wines with character and a sense of place. Pierluigi Talenti is one of the founding fathers of Brunello di Montalcino and this great estate is now run by his Grandson, Riccardo Talenti. If you a fan of Brunello, these wines are absolutely must-haves. In addition to the groundbreaking Piero, we are thrilled to be able to offer a special selection of Talenti's highly acclaimed wines. The 2018 Rosso di Montalcino was given one of the highest ratings for a rosso on Vinous, up there with legendary producers like Biondi-Santi, Stella di Campalto and Poggio di Sotto. This is an everyday wine that drinks WAY out of its price point and it will continue to improve over the next 5 or so years.

Riccardo Talenti sources fruit from five vineyards spread out between higher elevations of Sant'Angelo in Colle and lower elevations of Castelnuovo dell'Abate to create a southern yet wonderfully balanced expression of Brunello, one that is capable of pleasing a broad range of palates. their first single-vineyard wine,

The Piero Brunello di Montalcino is the first single-vineyard wine from Talenti whose first vintage was 2015 and is sourced from a two-hectare parcel first planted by Pierluigi in the 1970s.  Talenti, under the guidance of Riccardo, has also move to all organic practices throughout the vineyards
Wines from Montalcino are heavily impacted by the conditions of the vintage. After the notoriously difficult 2014 vintage yielded many disjointed and thin wines that lacked depth, 2015 was warmly embraced as not only a great rebound, but one of the best vintages in the region's history. That was until 2016 rolled around and growers started to rave about the perfect conditions. Growing conditions in 16 were extremely consistent, with no dramatic swings in temperature. Ultimately, these stable conditions allowed the fruit to perfectly mature. Great wine starts in the vineyard!

A vintage like 2016 comes around once in a generation. Do not miss out on these iconic, ageworthy and (most importantly) DELICIOUS wines that will be gone soon.

A Wine's Quality Is Determined In The Glass.
Shane Benson | Owner | New York Vintners   



The 2016 Brunello di Montalcino Piero is an excellent follow-up to the 2015 that wowed me earlier this year. It takes a much more refined and darkly alluring approach, as an air of crushed stone gives way to masses of blackberry and cherry, further blossoming to show notes of sage, a dusting of cedar, mocha and leather strap. There’s an exotic flair here without ever straying from Sangiovese purity. The textures are pure elegance, like silk being draped across the senses yet perfectly balanced by zesty acids and hints of sour citrus, as depths of red/black fruits give way to inner floral and earth tones. You can hardly feel its tannic heft until the finish, where structure rules, clenching the palate with youthful poise while allowing hints of balsamic spice to linger on. There is simply so much going on here and so much more to come over time.
-- Eric Guido

The 2016 Brunello di Montalcino boasts a striking display of balsamic-tinged cherry and autumnal spice with a twist of sour citrus really appealing to the senses. It’s silky and pliant with a gorgeous display of ripe red and hints of black fruit. There’s a sweet and sour element here that I find quite attractive, as the 2016 gains a tactile feel toward the close through a mix of brisk acids and rounded tannins. The length and classic structure on the finish completes the expression, leaving dark florals and mineral earth tones. Talenti remains one of the best values in age-worthy Brunello in the market. That said, it’s also worth checking in on a bottle early to enjoy all of its primary intensity.
-- Eric Guido

Very pale red. Clean and precise aromas and flavors of sour red berries, violet and minerals. Rich and suave for a 2018 Rosso di Montalcino, with fine tannins and balance on the long delicately herbal finish. This lovely wine is remarkably easy to drink.
-- Ian D'Agata

Talenti is located just south of the commune of Montalcino



Do the 2016s live up to our expectations? Oh, yes; they certainly do.

If I had to think of one way to universally describe the majority of wines from the 2016 vintage, I would offer that they are like a well-muscled black stallion in its prime. They are dark yet radiant, expressive, nearly explosive at times, yet pure, poised and structured. These are wines that capture your imagination; and no matter how youthfully tense they are today, you simply can’t help but revisit a glass over and over again; because in many cases, the aromatics alone are intoxicating. I frankly cannot remember the last time I tasted young wines from Montalcino that possessed such symmetry from start to finish. The best part is that this success was widely spread throughout the region; and while there was a mix of the bad, the good and the otherworldly, finding a solidly performing bottle of 2016 Brunello di Montalcino won’t be difficult for any consumer.

Is there really any such thing as a perfect vintage? Many producers throughout Montalcino would say that there is, and the example that they would give you would be the 2016 vintage. To quote Francesco Ripaccioli of Canalicchio di Sopra in the northern eastern part of Montalcino, “...if we could control the climate of a vintage artificially, I believe that I would program it to be just like the year 2016.
In the 1950s, Pierluigi Talenti purchased the property and the lands that he had fallen in love with and decided to move from Romagna to the gently rolling, sunny hills of Montalcino. Over the years, he devoted his time to clonal research into the locally grown Sangiovese, taking his wines to the highest levels of quality. Today, Riccardo Talenti (Pierluigi’s Grandson) continues that research, with the utmost respect for tradition, working with the very same passion and determination.
Pierluigi Talenti

Riccardo Talenti, Pierluigi's Grandson, leads the estate today

The estate has been developed around an old farm called “Pian di Conte”, not far from Sant’Angelo in Colle, on the southern slope of the municipality of Montalcino, which has been restructured and expanded over the years.The property occupies an area of 40 hectares, among vineyards, olive groves, orchards and seed crops, surrounded by age-old holm-oak woods, characteristic of the Montalcino area.

The Talenti Estate

Talenti cultivates and tends their land with respect for tradition, harvesting the grapes and olives by hand.The vineyards are divided into eleven different plots, each with different altitude, exposure and soil composition, creating red wines that are incredibly complex and profound.

They have always had a passion for the cultivation of olives which are a very traditional element within the Tuscan landscape. They grow the Correggiolo and Moraiolo varieties, from which a bright green and intensely scented oil is extracted.
Olives at Talenti

They hand pick the best grapes and place them in small containers to preserve their integrity. Later, the bunches and individual berries undergo further selection to obtain the best of every harvest. Talenti believes that the birth of a fine wine also depends on constant research into new technologies. During fermentation in steel tanks, they personally check every process, from pumping over to punching, every phase being temperature-controlled. In the barrel cellar there is a strong link between tradition and a continuing effort to improve. The wines spend over two years ageing in fine Allier and Slavonian oak, followed by bottle ageing for the time required to enhance the aromas and the character that make their wines unique and inimitable.