Taka Brewery 'Noble Arrow' Saké

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Saké with a Burgundian pedigree?! Yes indeed!!

Takahiro Nagayama studied in Burgundy and makes artisanal terroir-driven saké from estate grown rice and limestone-rich water in Yamaguchi Prefecture. These are bottlings with great tension and acidity.

Nagayama only produces junmai saké - made from water, rice, and kōji, another terroir-driven decision. He believes that the addition of brewer's alcohol detracts from the true purity of his bottlings.

The Tokubetsu harkens to the style of Mersault in Burgundy, with subtle notes of green melon, pineapple and eucalyptus. Crisp and gentle at once.

The seasonal release of the unpasteurized namazake hails the return of the Sakura season in Japan, and while very dry in style is more fresh and fruit forward.