OAX Original Mezcal 3 PAck

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Unquestionably THE BEST examples we’ve tasted come from a single source - OAX Original and it's now a staple here at NYV.  Everything made by OAX Original is small production, exactly the way REAL Mezcal should be made. Micro-production allows for the unique aromas and flavors of individual Agave varieties to shine & that's what makes Mezcal stand out in the spirits category.

If you think all Mezcals are the same - smoky like scotch, earthy like tequila - think (and drink) again! Smoke is always a component due to the production process, but in these premium bottlings the smoky element takes a back seat to the myriad of other notes you'll find. Agave varieties are like grapes and if you are into wine you know that Cab Franc and Pinot Noir are similar but DEFINITELY NOT the same. You might not initially recognize this melange of aromas + flavors, but these spirits are full of aromatic intrigue and incredibly compelling on the palate. 

 Arroqueño – Very terroir driven overall, not a lot of fruit present. It’s got this unique buttery component that is both textural and flavor driven. There is also a very interesting savory component, sort of coffee-like but not extremely defined. This species takes a minimum of 18 years to mature in the wild.

Tobala – the most “smokey” of the three but still relatively tame compared to many mezcals, especially mass produced bottlings. The texture is fantastic here - very oily, and the alcohol is subdued for a bottling that clocks in at 48% ABV. High toned tropical fruity notes, herbs and glycerol dominate the nose and palate. A smaller, squat variety these take between 12 and 15 years to reach maturity before harvesting.

Tepeztate – This is the mack daddy. Incredibly layered and complex. On the nose it’s perfumed and fruity but also very round, almost impossible to pick up any alcohol. The palate is a bit more full than the nose leads on. Texturally similar to the tobala, yet even more expansive. The flavor explodes and continues to build exponentially. This bottling offers an earthiness to it that the other two do not possess. Extremely mineral driven. With low yields and late maturity, this species may grow for three decades before its ready to be harvested.