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1 bottle each Arroqueño Ancestral, Mexicano, Tobaziche

This 100% Arroqueño Ancestral is double distilled in clay pots by the In Situ team. Cooked in a traditional earthen oven, milled by hand with wooden mallets, and open-air fermentation in oak vats, this is NOT proofed by water or any other liquid, so this baby clocks in at 49% ABV. The most aromatically expressive of the group, this Arroqueño begs to be tasted from the moment it's poured! Toasted hazelnuts, burnt orange, lime leaf & fresh soil give way to a refined palate showing hay and hibiscus. The smoke is subtle and well integrated. Fruit forward on the attack, there's a pleasant - almost minty -  sweetness and a lengthy clean, saline finish. I'd legitimately call this my morning mezcal. Only 125 liters were produced, so don't sit on this because it won't last.

This Mexicano is also produced by Isreal Perez for the Mezcasiarca label & this bottling really spans the sensory range! Twice distilled in copper you'll find a complex nose including heady aromas of tropical white flowers, fresh basil and salty custard. The smoke wafts softly in and out like embers the morning after a campfire, but your uncle's scotch this is NOT. My favorite element in this one is a quinine-like bitterness on the palate; think G&T without the gin. A zip of lime zest gives way to a fresh-cracked black peppery finish. It's a real zinger in all the right ways. Only 150 liters were produced and ABV varies by batch, but this one clocks in at just over 50%.

Last, but certainly not least this 100% Tobaziche bottling weighs in at 51% ABV. Distilled by the In Situ team, this employs both hand and mechanical milling techniques to crush the agave, but is still open-air fermented and distilled alta gama, with "no adjustments." Here's some of what you'll find as you slowly savor this unique, small batch (only 100 liters made!) spirit: the savory and vegetal elements play really well together and smoke is present, but by no means dominant. Macadamia, fresh snow peas, and tender asparagus land softly on the palate and the finish plays out with coffee, tobacco leaf and a mushroomy, oolong tea vibe. If umami is your jam, this may be your new favorite!