Gusto Historico Espadin/Madrexuixe/Bicuixe 'Saturnino Juarez' Destilado de Agave

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Size Single Bottle

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For this bottling, Marco really outdid himself. He convinced an all-time great, Saturnino Juarez to come out of retirement and make a single batch from his hometown of Miahuatlán, Oaxaca. Saturnino dialed up AN INSANE BLEND OF Espadín combined with two Agave karwinskii varieties, distilling just 60 liters TOTAL. His choice to go Espadin heavy is a pretty cool one, it gives out these explosive notes of Almonds, halva, fresh baked sourdough with spinach casserole(!), a hint of saline and a little bit of cedar and cocoa creeping in towards the end.