Del Maguey Mezcal
Del Maguey Mezcal
Del Maguey Mezcal
Del Maguey Mezcal
Del Maguey Mezcal
Del Maguey Mezcal
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Del Maguey Mezcal

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Hi Folks,

We fall in love with wine for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common adages we hear is that wine reminds us of a time and place. Wine coming from certain vineyards show individual characteristics that winemakers aim to showcase in the glass. But this concept is not limited to wine as we see the spirits world moving closer towards chasing their expressions of terroir. For us, Mezcal is a spirit that truly embodies this notion. And no producer honors the terroir of Mexico more than Del Maguey.

Del Maguey was founded in 1995, with the mission to create Single Village Mezcals that represent the terroir of each place where the varietals are found. They make a number of different expressions, with each being named after the village where it comes from. They work directly with the palenqueros (producers), which are typically small family run operations that have existed from years. Think of them almost like a mezcal negociant. The results are absolutely STUNNING. Del Maguey crafts mezcals that showcase a mellow and integrated smokiness with some expressions featuring more fruitiness and others showing more spice and minerality. Across the board, each of their mezcals is tremendously smooth. If you are already a mezcal drinker, Del Maguey is a producer you need to be drinking. And for those who have not dabbled yet, this is the best way to get started! We are offering a diverse mix of Del Maguey's expression, each showing a unique piece of the Mexican terroir.



Vida $45
Chichicapa $75
San Luis del Rio $80
Las Milpas $80
Tobala $135
10% OFF on 3-Pack 
15% OFF on 6-Pack

Entry level 3-Pack $180
Vida, Chichicapa, San Luis del Rio 

Advanced 3-Pack $380
Las Milpas, Tobala, Pechuga

Homerun 6-Pack $530
 Vida, Chichicapa, San Luis del Rio, Las Milpas, Tobala, Pechuga 

Mezcal is the drink that truly represents the gorgeous diversity Mexico has to offer. Both tequila and mezcal are made from agave - however tequila must be made from blue agave where mezcal is made from any variety of agave plant. There are approximately 50 varietals of agave in Mexico that can be used to make mezcal, each yielding a different expression depending on where it is grown and how it is distilled. If you are thinking to yourself "Hey, that sounds a lot like how wine works" you are absolutely right. It's no coincidence that spirits from mexico were traditionally called "Vino de Mezcal" before formal names were ascribed. Del Maguey is one of the only producers that aims to showcase this diversity of the agave plant while giving credit to the families and places where their mezcals originate. Their recognizable green bottles feature artwork from the villages where the mezcal comes from as well, further promoting the rich culture these places have to offer. All of this makes Del Maguey one of the most rewarding spirits to enjoy, don't miss out!

A Wine's Quality Is Determined In The Glass.
Shane Benson | Owner | New York Vintners   
VIDA is an artisanal, organic Mezcal. hand crafted. It is twice distilled, very slowly in small wood-fired, riverside copper stills to flavor specifications that underscore its versatility in cocktails. It has a nose of fruit aromatics, a hint of honey, vanilla and roast agave; the palate offers ginger, cinnamon, burnt sandalwood, banana and tangerine, with a long, soft finish. 
Chichicapa has a medium nose and a complex taste with lots of citrus and a long, smooth finish with overtones of mint. It is twice distilled and unblended from 100% mature agave Espadin and is produced the original, 400-year-old hand-crafted way. 
San Luis del Rio has a spicy, fruity and smoky nose with a high note of citrus. It is creamy, smooth and warming to the palate with a clean finish. 
Las Milpas offers a nose of slate and minerals, balanced by tropical fruit and citrus notes, with rose petal florals, lavender, tarragon, and pea shoots, that evolves into a long and pleasantly dry finish.
The Tobala maguey is found growing naturally only in the highest altitude canyons in the shade of oak trees like truffles. Tobala has a sweet, fruity nose, with a mango and cinnamon taste and long, extra smooth finish. 
Pechuga has a nose of basil, lemon, ocean, and fruit. It is almost scotch-like in its smoky taste. And yes, in addition it is salty, very soft, and tastes a wee bit like chicken. The Pechuga production season is limited to year end due to the special ingredients: Wild mountain apples and plums that must be in season and cannot be substituted. This mezcal is the most rare we have ever encountered.

Del Maguey (pronounced ma–gay), Single Village Mezcal was founded in 1995 by internationally renowned artist and mezcal visionary, Ron Cooper. Ron introduced the world to previously unavailable artisanal mezcal produced the original handcrafted way. Through deep cultural relationships with Zapotec Mexican Indian producers in the remote villages of Oaxaca and Puebla, Mexico, Del Maguey harnesses ancient, original organic processes. Combining these methods with varying micro-climates and terroir gives each creation its own unique, rich, sweet and smoky character. Every product in their collection is made by individual family palenqueros (producers) in old-style villages. They are the first producer to credit each product after the village where our liquid is made.

For over twenty years, Del Maguey has maintained a deep commitment to the amazing biodiversity and rich cultural heritage of Oaxaca. Environmental and Social responsibility are the central tenets that anchor their impact philosophy. From well-planned maguey cultivation strategies to reforestation projects that address ecosystems and wild agave, their environmental mission focuses on leaving a positive, impactful footprint in the majestic Oaxacan terrain.

Social Impact
From a social perspective, they dedicate substantial resources to the long term growth of their producing partners’ families, palenques, villages and regions in the form of various infrastructural and educational initiatives. These range from, but are not limited to; water accessibility projects, scholarship programs, renewable energy installations, internet facilities, job creation and job security.

Agricultural Impact
All Del Maguey production remains sustainable for each different village’s pure mezcal, to preserve ancient style and quality. Our maguey is renewed and cultivated by the single village producers. Del Maguey pays fair-trade premiums over and above local industry standards and supports generational consistency with every member of our large, extended family.