2023 Dunites Wine Co. SLO Pinot Noir "Cuvee Emma"

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The '23 SLO Pinot Noir is a screamer.  Sourced from a couple different coastal sites including Bassi and MarFarm, the quality and balance of the fruit is truly unmatched at this level.  The vintage was long and cool so the fruit had ample time to ripen which raised the level of complexity to the max.  Whole cluster inclusion - about 20% - adds texture and grip as a counterbalance to the red fruit core.  Bright acidity and a seasoning of flinty minerality round out the back end, leaving you with one thought: that's fresh and delicious.  When I tell you that you will struggle mightily find a Pinot Noir with this much going on - at this absurdly great pricing - I'm underselling it.   Take advantage of the deep pricing here... you will not find a better sub-$30 domestic Pinot Noir on the planet.