2021 Zinfandel Horizontal Pack (2021 East Bench, 2021 Geyserville, 2021 Paso Robles)

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Size 6-Pack

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The East Bench vineyard was replanted in 2000 with vines grafted from pre-prohibition era heirloom grapes. The wine has always been good but starting in 2018 it has been truly excellent and each year keeps getting better. 

The 2021 Geyserville is ONE FOR THE AGES. While the ‘expert’ reviewers haven’t gotten a hold of it just yet, many experienced Ridge tasters have already declared it the GREATEST EVER! Geyserville is home to the oldest Ridge vines and indeed some of the oldest vines in existence. The “Old Patch” section of the vineyard contains vines that are more than 130 years of age. This is one that can easily age for a decade or more. 

The Paso Robles actually comes from vineyard called Benito Dusi Ranch that was originally planted in 1923. Benito Dusi Ranch is the only Ridge vineyard source south of the San Francisco Bay area and experiences very large diurnal temperature shifts. Those shifts help force the roots of these head-trained wine ‘bushes’ deep into the gravely soil which contributes to the unique dark chocolate covered raspberry flavors.